How do you know that robots are ready to show off their extraordinary capabilities to the world?   You give them a runway show of their own and watch today’s animated assistants strut their stuff.  At CES Asia we’ll be parading our favorite robots down the runway multiple times on the N5 Stage area.


CES Asia:  We’re Looking for a Few Great Robots
Robotics is one of the hottest categories at CES Asia. To bring robotics to life, our company produces a live event called Robotics on the Runway at CES Asia 2017.  It’s an informative, entertaining and high profile way to get have your robot exposed to the press and CES Asia attendees.


We’ve already lined up a number of innovative robotics to showcase their robots in the show. We’re looking for a few more robots to round out the show.  There’s no requirement for staffing or expenses on your part, just working with us to showcase your robot on the runway stage.

The shows will be held throughout the day on Wednesday, June 7 and Thursday, June 8 on the CES Asia Stage located in the N5 Hall.  If your company has a robotic product and would like to be considered for the show, please click on the “2017 Login” button in the upper right corner of this form.  There, you can upload a product description and photo.  There is no cost to participate, but since the shows are limited, we won’t be able to select all entries. The deadline to submit your entry and add your product to the show is Monday, May 8.  If your product is chosen to appear in the Robotics on the Runway show, our producer will contact you with the details.
We look forward to a terrific CES Asia.

Are you interested in showcasing your robot?

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