Project Description

GT Wonder Boy is a SMART companion for people of all ages from all different walks of lives. A compact entertainer who can sing, dance, photograph and shoot videos paired with various other built in components to alleviate one’s daily life. Being mobile, makes GT Wonder Boy an indispensable and convenient every day, companion that one can look forward to having beside them at any time of the day. A trusted multitasking companion designed to alleviate and manage every aspect of the lives of people. With a wide array of functionalities, such as being a personal assistant that can assist with recording minutes, making hotel and dining reservations upon voice command. An educator, who can teach various subjects, including poetry recital and storytelling. A translator that eliminates language barrier during business dealings, with the ability to converse seamlessly in 13 different languages, value-adds to its endless list of functionalities. An intelligent city-guide who makes travelling to any country a pleasant and joyful experience with its list of recommendations of famous sight-seeing spots, events, dining and activities. An entertainer who never fails to entertain with one of its most popular functions, the sing and dance function that never fails to create a lasting first impression